seaborn.set_palette(palette, n_colors=None, desat=None, color_codes=False)ΒΆ

Set the matplotlib color cycle using a seaborn palette.


palette : hls | husl | matplotlib colormap | seaborn color palette

Palette definition. Should be something that color_palette() can process.

n_colors : int

Number of colors in the cycle. The default number of colors will depend on the format of palette, see the color_palette() documentation for more information.

desat : float

Proportion to desaturate each color by.

color_codes : bool

If True and palette is a seaborn palette, remap the shorthand color codes (e.g. “b”, “g”, “r”, etc.) to the colors from this palette.

See also

build a color palette or set the color cycle temporarily in a with statement.
set parameters to scale plot elements
set the default parameters for figure style


>>> set_palette("Reds")
>>> set_palette("Set1", 8, .75)