Control the range of visible data.

Keywords correspond to variables defined in the plot, and values are a (min, max) tuple (where either can be None to leave unset).

Limits apply only to the axis; data outside the visible range are still used for any stat transforms and added to the plot.

Behavior for non-coordinate variables is currently undefined.


By default, plot limits are automatically set to provide a small margin around the data (controlled by Plot.theme() parameters axes.xmargin and axes.ymargin):

p = so.Plot(x=[1, 2, 3], y=[1, 3, 2]).add(so.Line(marker="o"))

Pass a min/max tuple to pin the limits at specific values:

p.limit(x=(0, 4), y=(-1, 6))

Reversing the min/max values will invert the axis:

p.limit(y=(4, 0))

Use None for either side to maintain the default value:

p.limit(y=(0, None))