class seaborn.objects.Area(artist_kws=<factory>, color=<'C0'>, alpha=<0.2>, fill=<True>, edgecolor=<depend:color>, edgealpha=<1>, edgewidth=<rc:patch.linewidth>, edgestyle=<'-'>, baseline=<0>)#

A fill mark drawn from a baseline to data values.

This mark defines the following properties:

color, alpha, fill, edgecolor, edgealpha, edgewidth, edgestyle, |baseline|

See also


A fill mark representing an interval between values.


p = so.Plot(healthexp, "Year", "Spending_USD").facet("Country", wrap=3)

The color property sets both the edge and fill color:

p.add(so.Area(), color="Country")

It’s also possible to map only the edgecolor:

p.add(so.Area(color=".5", edgewidth=2), edgecolor="Country")

The mark is drawn as a polygon, but it can be combined with Line to draw a shaded region by setting edgewidth=0:


The layer’s orientation defines the axis that the mark fills from:

p.add(so.Area(), x="Spending_USD", y="Year", orient="y")

This mark can be stacked to show part-whole relationships:

    so.Plot(healthexp, "Year", "Spending_USD", color="Country")
    .add(so.Area(alpha=.7), so.Stack())