JointGrid.refline(*, x=None, y=None, joint=True, marginal=True, color='.5', linestyle='--', **line_kws)#

Add a reference line(s) to joint and/or marginal axes.

x, ynumeric

Value(s) to draw the line(s) at.

joint, marginalbools

Whether to add the reference line(s) to the joint/marginal axes.

colormatplotlib color

Specifies the color of the reference line(s).


Specifies the style of the reference line(s).

line_kwskey, value mappings

Other keyword arguments are passed to matplotlib.axes.Axes.axvline() when x is not None and matplotlib.axes.Axes.axhline() when y is not None.

JointGrid instance

Returns self for easy method chaining.