class seaborn.objects.Path(artist_kws=<factory>, color=<'C0'>, alpha=<1>, linewidth=<rc:lines.linewidth>, linestyle=<rc:lines.linestyle>, marker=<rc:lines.marker>, pointsize=<rc:lines.markersize>, fillcolor=<depend:color>, edgecolor=<depend:color>, edgewidth=<rc:lines.markeredgewidth>)#

A mark connecting data points in the order they appear.

This mark defines the following properties:

color, alpha, linewidth, linestyle, marker, pointsize, fillcolor, edgecolor, edgewidth

See also


A mark connecting data points with sorting along the orientation axis.


A faster but less-flexible mark for drawing many paths.


Unlike Line, this mark does not sort observations before plotting, making it suitable for plotting trajectories through a variable space:

p = so.Plot(healthexp, "Spending_USD", "Life_Expectancy", color="Country")

It otherwise offers the same set of options, including a number of properties that can be set or mapped:

p.add(so.Path(marker="o", pointsize=2, linewidth=.75, fillcolor="w"))