seaborn.load_dataset(name, cache=True, data_home=None, **kws)#

Load an example dataset from the online repository (requires internet).

This function provides quick access to a small number of example datasets that are useful for documenting seaborn or generating reproducible examples for bug reports. It is not necessary for normal usage.

Note that some of the datasets have a small amount of preprocessing applied to define a proper ordering for categorical variables.

Use get_dataset_names() to see a list of available datasets.


Name of the dataset ({name}.csv on

cacheboolean, optional

If True, try to load from the local cache first, and save to the cache if a download is required.

data_homestring, optional

The directory in which to cache data; see get_data_home().

kwskeys and values, optional

Additional keyword arguments are passed to passed through to pandas.read_csv().


Tabular data, possibly with some preprocessing applied.