class seaborn.objects.Band(artist_kws=<factory>, color=<'C0'>, alpha=<0.2>, fill=<True>, edgecolor=<depend:color>, edgealpha=<1>, edgewidth=<0>, edgestyle=<'-'>)#

A fill mark representing an interval between values.

This mark defines the following properties:

color, alpha, fill, edgecolor, edgealpha, edgewidth, edgestyle

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A fill mark drawn from a baseline to data values.


The mark fills between pairs of data points to show an interval on the value axis:

p = so.Plot(seaice, x="Day", ymin="1980", ymax="2019")

By default it draws a faint ribbon with no edges, but edges can be added:

p.add(so.Band(alpha=.5, edgewidth=2))

The defaults are optimized for the main expected usecase, where the mark is combined with a line to show an errorbar interval:

    so.Plot(fmri, x="timepoint", y="signal", color="event")
    .add(so.Band(), so.Est())
    .add(so.Line(), so.Agg())

When min/max values are not explicitly assigned or added in a transform, the band will cover the full extent of the data:

    so.Plot(fmri, x="timepoint", y="signal", color="event")
    .add(so.Line(linewidth=.5), group="subject")