v0.12.1 (October 2022)#

This is an incremental release that is a recommended upgrade for all users. It addresses a handful of bugs / regressions in v0.12.0 and adds several features and enhancements to the new objects interface.

  • Feature Added the objects.Text mark (#3051).

  • Feature Added the objects.Dash mark (#3074).

  • Feature Added the objects.Perc stat (#3063).

  • Feature Added the objects.Count stat (#3086).

  • Feature The objects.Band and objects.Range marks will now cover the full extent of the data if min / max variables are not explicitly assigned or added in a transform (#3056).

  • Enhancement Defaults The objects.Jitter move now applies a small amount of jitter by default (#3066).

  • Enhancement Defaults Axes with a objects.Nominal scale now appear like categorical axes in classic seaborn, with fixed margins, no grid, and an inverted y axis (#3069).

  • Enhancement API The objects.Continuous.label() method now accepts base=None to override the default formatter with a log transform (#3087).

  • Enhancement Fix Marks that sort along the orient axis (e.g. objects.Line) now use a stable algorithm (#3064).

  • Enhancement Fix Added a label parameter to pointplot(), which addresses a regression in 0.12.0 when pointplot() is passed to FacetGrid (#3016).

  • Fix Fixed a bug that caused an exception when more than two layers with the same mappings were added to objects.Plot (#3055).

  • Fix Made objects.PolyFit robust to missing data (#3010).

  • Fix Fixed a bug in objects.Plot that occurred when data assigned to the orient coordinate had zero variance (#3084).

  • Fix Fixed a regression in kdeplot() where passing cmap for an unfilled bivariate plot would raise an exception (#3065).

  • Fix Addressed a performance regression in lineplot() with a large number of unique x values (#3081).

  • Build Seaborn no longer contains doctest-style examples, simplifying the testing infrastructure (#3034).