v0.10.1 (April 2020)#

This is minor release with bug fixes for issues identified since 0.10.0.

  • Fixed a bug that appeared within the bootstrapping algorithm on 32-bit systems.

  • Fixed a bug where regplot() would crash on singleton inputs. Now a crash is avoided and regression estimation/plotting is skipped.

  • Fixed a bug where heatmap() would ignore user-specified under/over/bad values when recentering a colormap.

  • Fixed a bug where heatmap() would use values from masked cells when computing default colormap limits.

  • Fixed a bug where despine() would cause an error when trying to trim spines on a matplotlib categorical axis.

  • Adapted to a change in matplotlib that caused problems with single swarm plots.

  • Added the showfliers parameter to boxenplot() to suppress plotting of outlier data points, matching the API of boxplot().

  • Avoided seeing an error from statmodels when data with an IQR of 0 is passed to kdeplot().

  • Added the legend.title_fontsize to the plotting_context() definition.

  • Deprecated several utility functions that are no longer used internally (percentiles, sig_stars, pmf_hist, and sort_df).