v0.3.1 (April 2014)#

This is a minor release from 0.3 with fixes for several bugs.

Plotting functions#

  • The size of the points in pointplot() and factorplot are now scaled with the linewidth for better aesthetics across different plotting contexts.

  • The pointplot() glyphs for different levels of the hue variable are drawn at different z-orders so that they appear uniform.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed a bug in FacetGrid (and thus affecting lmplot and factorplot) that appeared when col_wrap was used with a number of facets that did not evenly divide into the column width.

  • Fixed an issue where the support for kernel density estimates was sometimes computed incorrectly.

  • Fixed a problem where hue variable levels that were not strings were missing in FacetGrid legends.

  • When passing a color palette list in a with statement, the entire palette is now used instead of the first six colors.