v0.12.2 (December 2022)#

This is an incremental release that is a recommended upgrade for all users. It is very likely the final release of the 0.12 series and the last version to support Python 3.7.

  • Feature Added the objects.KDE stat (#3111).

  • Feature Added the objects.Boolean scale (#3205).

  • Enhancement Improved user feedback for failures during plot compilation by catching exceptions and re-raising with a PlotSpecError that provides additional context. (#3203).

  • Fix Improved calculation of automatic mark widths with unshared facet axes (#3119).

  • Fix Improved robustness to empty data in several components of the objects interface (#3202).

  • Fix Fixed a bug where legends for numeric variables with large values would be incorrectly shown (i.e. with a missing offset or exponent; #3187).

  • Fix Fixed a regression in v0.12.0 where manually-added labels could have duplicate legend entries (#3116).

  • Fix Fixed a bug in histplot() with kde=True and log_scale=True where the curve was not scaled properly (#3173).

  • Fix Fixed a bug in relplot() where inner axis labels would be shown when axis sharing was disabled (#3180).

  • Fix Fixed a bug in objects.Continuous to avoid an exception with boolean data (#3189).