seaborn.set(context='notebook', style='darkgrid', palette='deep', font='sans-serif', font_scale=1, color_codes=True, rc=None)

Set aesthetic parameters in one step.

Each set of parameters can be set directly or temporarily, see the referenced functions below for more information.

contextstring or dict

Plotting context parameters, see plotting_context()

stylestring or dict

Axes style parameters, see axes_style()

palettestring or sequence

Color palette, see color_palette()


Font family, see matplotlib font manager.

font_scalefloat, optional

Separate scaling factor to independently scale the size of the font elements.


If True and palette is a seaborn palette, remap the shorthand color codes (e.g. “b”, “g”, “r”, etc.) to the colors from this palette.

rcdict or None

Dictionary of rc parameter mappings to override the above.