seaborn.interactplot(x1, x2, y, data=None, filled=False, cmap='RdBu_r', colorbar=True, levels=30, logistic=False, contour_kws=None, scatter_kws=None, ax=None, **kwargs)

Visualize a continuous two-way interaction with a contour plot.


x1, x2, y, strings or array-like

Either the two independent variables and the dependent variable, or keys to extract them from data

data : DataFrame

Pandas DataFrame with the data in the columns.

filled : bool

Whether to plot with filled or unfilled contours

cmap : matplotlib colormap

Colormap to represent yhat in the countour plot.

colorbar : bool

Whether to draw the colorbar for interpreting the color values.

levels : int or sequence

Number or position of contour plot levels.

logistic : bool

Fit a logistic regression model instead of linear regression.

contour_kws : dictionary

Keyword arguments for contour[f]().

scatter_kws : dictionary

Keyword arguments for plot().

ax : matplotlib axis

Axis to draw plot in.


ax : Matplotlib axis

Axis with the contour plot.